Last night’s Fleetwood Mac show in San Jose was so amazing!

Last night, my friends Henry and Max, went down to San Jose to see Fleetwood Mac. This was something I had planned for sometime and the basis of my trip to the Bay was to come up and see this band. I had know about Mac for the longest time but never really got full appreciation for them until maybe a couple years ago.


The crowd was mostly older people but it was nice to see younger cats at the arena. And with Fleetwood Mac as the only act of the evening, I knew it would be a good show. But I didn’t expect them to do three hours with two encores. But they did because for Lindsey and Stevie, they were back in San Jose and that was something special to me.

The evening started with a very upbeat rendition of “Second Hand News” which got everyone excited. You could clearly see the excitement in the band. Even though they are doing a live, grueling international tour, I just felt that being back home energized them.

What really took me from this show truly was the energy and enthusiasm. Mick alone was truly rocking it on the drums. They even gave him a chance to do a great solo during the first encore of “World Turning.” He’s always been an excited fellow but this one felt extra special.

But the two who stole the show were Lindsey and Stevie. In fact, it seemed very much like that this was their show really and all their history together was on display.

For Lindsey, he really wanted to own the show. His voice was loud and it demanded the attention of the crowd. But it was in a good way because as the only male singer of the group, he had to carry the show. His guitar skills were top notch. For many of the songs where he did solos, he played to the crowd, standing at the end of the stage and almost letting the fans touch his guitar. As you can see by the videos, he hasn’t lost a step. He was sweating from exhaustion and excitement, but he gave everything to put on a good show.

Stevie to me was my favorite part of the show obviously. Not only do a I have a great affection for her, but I still think she looks fantastic and she once again wowed me. Even though she’s getting there in age and being in high heels moving around stage isn’t the best thing for her, she didn’t let that stop her. Throughout the show she would still dance as if it was the 1970s all over again. With gold shawls and even her trademark top hat, she looked every bit as youthful as her days of old. And maybe it was being back home that got to her. On several occasions throughout the show, she talked to the crowd and reminisced about her roots in the Bay Area. She especially gave a shout out to the city of San Jose and SJSU for being her launching pad. She really was so happy to be back home and I think that’s why the group ended up doing two encores that night.

But as for Stevie, her voice was still mystical as was her movement. I would think that she would limit herself, but even with a tambourine, she rocked it. The outfit of an old witchy woman was at its best during “Gold Dust Woman” and even when she wasn’t singing, her trademark whirling spins were in action.

Both Lindsey and Stevie really showed emotion on stage. A few times Linds would kiss Stevie’s hand. And even at the end, they embraced during the final standing ovation. They talked about how lucky they were to join the group. Stevie in particular thanked Linds and Mick for allowing her to join the band even though she was just the girlfriend at the time. It was a lot of reflection for both of them and they knew that they could never go back to what they once were, but they were happy that they were here as they were right now. They had an amazing affection for each other and it was very evident that they loved each other in a way we could never truly understand.

What was neat about this show was that they revived some old rediscovered tracks and introduced us some new material from their new EP. It was a good blend of some stuff we weren’t used to but it was still a show of their greatest hits. Despite not having the chance to sing certain songs because of Christie’s retirement, it just goes to show how talented this group is because they were able to put together a three-hour show without missing a beat. Their catalog is that deep.

I kind of fell in love with this band all over again even though I never fell out. I was wondering how it would be like to see them. Would they just be touring and standing there without energy? I was glad that they were not like that. They wanted to give a great show and they did.

Can’t really complain at all. I was captured all the way through with the show. They still knew how to rock out and give the people a little bit of everything. I would love to see them again. Hopefully I can before their time is up. But I am happy that I got to see them at least once. For an old soul like me, it was great.

A fantastic show and even better farewell. I love this band!

Other notes

  • Some guy was using his Shazam app to find the name of a song. Dude, that doesn’t work at a live concert. Do you even know how Shazam works?
  • Mostly older folks at the concert, but apparently there were some people my age and younger here. Good crowd.
  • I paid $40 for a Rumours shirt and $20 for a tour poster. Expensive, but worth it.
  • It smelled like a rock concert.
  • No opening act. Three hours of awesomeness.
  • Took a photo with KFOX before the show. Made it on to their Facebook page.
  • Picked up Man of Steel poster from Kenny later that night. Good!
  • Before the show, dinner at Iguanas. Got Nacho Fries. Place got cleaned up, but food is still good.

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