What is the ideal Christian living way?

From Arrested Development, a grand style of Christian living with righteous ways, fear of God and no questioning the Bible. All praise the Holy Eternal Rapture!!!

** Blog post thinking out loud. Probably incoherent, but that’s how I blog.

This was something that popped into my head last night and it was part of a manifestation of thoughts and ideas that have been around me for a while. In fact, I’ve kind of talked about it before. Is there a certain way I must live my life as a Christian? Or to word it better, because I am a Christian, am I supposed to live a certain way?

I think about this a lot because in terms of what is common, I don’t think I am your typical Christian. I’ve grown up in churches, all kinds of different ones. I’ve been to ones with pews, ones with no pews. Ones that dance, ones that just stand and sing hymns. I’ve been to ones where it’s interactive and one where only one person talks. I’ve been to ones where a collared shirt is necessary and ones where a tank top is totally cool. I wouldn’t say I have been to it all, but I’ve been to opposite spectrums.

Because of this experience, I’ve experienced what Apple used to promote: Think Different. It’d because of this experience that I would like to think different. And with this kind of thinking, I really find it hard to live a life that’s so controlling. Sure, we have to adhere to a certain way of living because we have Jesus, but how much of that changes us where it falls completely away from the entire point?

Would God be totally cool with me if I showed up at church in a T-shirt and shorts? Or must I be modest and dress real fancy for God? Do you think that God cares? Of course God cares, but He doesn’t really care. I dress the way I feel because of how I feel comfortable with God, not because people tell me that’s the way. If I want to present myself to God in a nice suit, I will do that. If I want to present my comfort in him by wearing shorts, I’ll do that too.

The point I feel that some of us are missing is that our relationship with God is so lost that our actions don’t reflect it well. If we are truly in goods with God, then our actions wouldn’t be so controlling. Honestly, does God really care about all these rules — rules that we made up, not him?

What if we kept things simple? What if all these rules were thrown out the window and we simply followed the commandments of loving God and loving people? Probably things would be easier

I would think the ideal Christian way according to man is to stay modest, not listen to rap music, avoid Rated R movies and limit anything that could be remotely fun. I’d like to believe that God wants us to enjoy the world and in doing so, glorifying God while doing it.

This isn’t to say that I have all the answers. In fact, this post is more of me thinking out loud and really wondering. And my wondering leads me to believe that there’s a certain standard that we’ve set for ourselves and there’s a certain I think God would like from us. They’re totally different.

Restrictions are tough and it’s not the way to live it. The ideal way of Christian living is to love God and to love people. That’s how I see it. Everything else isn’t a requirement. It’s a complement to the lifestyle. The love will influence it, not the people. Remember, Jesus came down to abolish the old law and to give us anew. And that new law is to love. Love and all else will come.

At least that’s how I see it and that’s how I feel is the way we should be going about it, instead of feeling guilty for not owning the newest Hillsong album.

There is no real ideal way. Love will tell you how to live.



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2 responses to “What is the ideal Christian living way?

  1. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” -Matthew 5:17
    just a correction! 🙂 ❤

    • Wasn’t referring to that law exactly. I was talking about the laws that people have created and what was allowed to rule us. The new law is to wipe out all of that and give us a new life of life to live.

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