Pretty Little Liars and their love with coffee

Always with the coffee on Pretty Little Liars.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a guilty pleasure of watching Pretty Little Liars. I started a few weeks ago on Netflix and now I am almost caught up. The show isn’t even that great, but I’ve invested too much time into it to stop.

One thing I noticed is that it seems that every episode, there is a reference to coffee. Whether they’re drinking it, buying it, hanging out at a cafe or making plans to get it, it’s always there. And this show is about high schoolers. When did high school kids start drinking coffee that frequently?

And apparently, I am not the only one who has noticed:



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8 responses to “Pretty Little Liars and their love with coffee

  1. UGH YES what the hell is up with all that coffee! ..Not that I watch the show anyway.. *SHIFTY EYES*

  2. Rachel

    OMG why so much coffee?! Are you stupid? No one likes eating on camera, so they give their hands something to do. Back in the day it was smoke, now it’s drinking coffee. It gives them something to do between lines and keeps the scene looking natural. Same with placing them in a coffee shop. Most shows for teens seem to have them hang out in a coffee shop. Before they would hang out in dinners. Were your parents screaming how realistic it would be to spend all day every day at the dinner like they did in shows?

    • I am not stupid. Keeps the scene looking natural? That much coffee must be natural to a small niche of small town teens who apparently have all the money on the world to have coffee every second of their lives.

  3. PLL fan

    It isn’t actually every second of their lives.. How else would they be running away from A? When you are almost through watching the whole series, you wouldn’t even notice it – at least I don’t 😉

  4. A

    It’s a show!!!! Plus you can tell they aren’t drinking anything. They suck at acting like they’re drinking.

  5. elisa

    Coffee is life!! Im a highschooler and i have like a pot a day

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