Just bought the new Selena Gomez album ‘Stars Dance’ and I am actually enjoying it a lot

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I’ve been a fan of Selena Gomez since her days on Wizards of Waverly Place. It was a silly show but with my mind wandering and needing background noise the show was a good thing to have. Since then, I’ve liked how she’s evolved as an entertainer — given that the Disney alum track record hasn’t been very clean.

Now it’s just become a fun guilty pleasure for me. I still enjoy my rock and gangsta rap, but I still need my pop and she’s my fix. I own all her albums and I think that this is one of her best works. This is not her best work, but after listening to it all day, I think that I can say that she’s taken her music to a whole new level. The songs are catchy and some are really fun to possibly sing in the car.

I still need to give it a little more listens but I must say that I am really enjoying this. I thought that going solo would be a big transition for her but I think she’s got a lot of great potential in the future.

And this ends my fanboying. Now just photos of the packaging of the album.


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