Going to San Diego to see Mariano Rivera one last time

So lucky to have seen this live in person one last time. Petco was a great park also, my second favorite ever now. I’ll write more in my 53 Steps journal. But good baseball, good eats. Wow!!!

But at the end of the day...

I’ve been lucky enough to see Mariano Rivera pitch before. It was special. But with this being his last season, I had to go see him one last time. I drove two hours down to San Diego to see him play. And this was my first time at Petco Park.


The park itself was beautiful. And when the 8th inning approached, everyone started to crowd this one stairway that was above the bullpen. Security tried to clear the way for people, but it was just too hard.

The entire series featured about 50-50 split in Yankees and Padres fans. And on Saturday when Rivera came in, the entire stadium was cheering for him. It was an awesome experience to see him pitch. There was just an aura off something special there. I just can’t put it into words.

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