Why they gotta do Chuy Gomez dirty like that?

Chuy Gomez.

So I just found out that KMEL has just let go Chuy Gomez. A staple in Bay Area radio, Gomez was everything that we loved with our music but KMEL got cheap and cut Gomez.

He wasn’t even offered a chance to say farewell on air. They just kicked him out the door.

I hope he finds a new gig real soon. He’s too talented and too loved to not be on the air.

I remember as a kid I would come home from school and immediately turn into the California Music Channel. That was my place. I was starting to get into hip hop at that time and I would see Chuy every afternoon. Every afternoon, Chuy welcomed me to a new genre that I was still learning.

Without him, I don’t think I would have really given hip hop a chance. I never would have fallen in love with it. He was my first DJ. For that, I am forever grateful.

It would be years later during Oakland A’s root beer float day that he was invited as a local celebrity. I remember being so excited. I know he doesn’t remember me, but I felt that I just met a hero of mine when I got his autograph. He was so nice.

He signed it “One Love” on a KMEL poster. That was what he was all about. He truly was about love.

That poster still hangs in my room this very day. It’s actually one of my most cherished posters in my room. My room is filled with posters of numerous artists, most of them rappers. But his signed poster is the one I value the most. That’s the one that matters.

It was also that very day I went to the restroom at the Coliseum. There I saw him. Normal men protocol says that no talking in the restroom, but I just had to say hi to him again. He said hi as he washed his hands.

Then this is where I became a fan for life. There was a man in a wheelchair also exiting the restroom at the same time. Instead of going ahead, Chuy held the door open for that man. I remember that. It showed what kind of heart this man has. He cares about people.

So it’s sad to hear that the same people that employed him don’t understand what he meant to me and the Bay. Even though I no longer live in the Bay, I still hold fondly those days of seeing him on CMC, listening to him on the radio and seeing him in person.

He’ll find his way back on the radio somehow. He’s got too many supporters that will make sure of it.

Keep ya head up, buddy. You’ll be back.


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