My mind is playing tricks on me

Yesterday I was going for my run and it was awesome. I went to Jamba Juice that was a 45 minute walk from my house. But since it was a grand opening and I came during happy hour, I got a $2 regular size Fruity Pebble smoothie. Nice!

Anyway, I was listening to my gangsta rap on my way back on my phone and the above song came on. It’s one of my favorites but I really simmered in the lyrics and I wondered how they came across such great lyrics.

I have always wanted to be a lyricist but it’s crazy to think that I could ever be so deep with my words. I don’t know. I’d imagine it would take a lot of heartache and pain in past experiences to put words together like that. But still, what would it be like to be a great lyricist? I love words. But can I put it in form for music?

A thought for now. Good night!


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