My experience at the world premiere of ‘Getaway’

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I got passes to the world premiere of Getaway a while back and I was so glad that my old colleague was able to join me for it. I had gotten there at noon by recommendation for these things and I didn’t have to get there that early. But I got there anyway, hung out with the other people in line and waited. Since it was a big deal, business attire was advised. I wore my suit. Fresh!

The event was in Westwood and they had a black carpet set up. Unfortunately where we were lined up, we couldn’t see the black carpet. And even if we had any chance, it was taken away when we were ushered into the theater before any of the celebrities showed up.

There were a ton of Selena Gomez kids just waiting there to see their favorite star. This was why I wanted to go to this, but I never saw her. She was there, just not when I had the chance. But they did have a bunch of Mustang Shelbys lined up. That was nice.

But it was still a fun deal. I got a chance to really chat it up with people in line, get to a very nice movie theater to see the movie and it wasn’t too bad. I think there might be a sequel.

Overall, it was pretty cool just to be part of something so big. And hey, Jon Voight took a picture with me! So all’s well. Pretty awesome day!


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