How I found my perfect church

This is a story I’ve told before on my blog, but I told it again, hoping to reach more people about finding the perfect church.

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam

This past Sunday, Pastor Albert started his sermon about churches in general and how some churches aim to be perfect. He spoke that how churches try so hard to put up an image of themselves as a church that was flawless. The pastor has a perfect sermon, the worship team is flawless, the building is massive and packed, the congregation doesn’t go through struggles in life. Everything we see at the church was supposed to be perfect.

However, Albert warned us that such expectations are foolish because perfection like that cannot be achieved. In fact, it doesn’t exist because we live in a world of imperfections. People make mistakes, struggle, go through numerous things that take away what we call “perfection.”

And in a way, the message was a great reminder for me because it brought me back to my personal journey to find the perfect church…

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