Attending the ‘Don Jon’ screening, seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and him chatting with me

The movie poster outside the theater.

The movie poster outside the theater.

A week ago I signed up for this screening to see the new movie “Don Jon.” It was directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he is the star of the film. He was scheduled to do a Q&A after the movie so I decided why not go see if I can get in?

I signed up for the thing and was so lucky that my friend, who also is a fan of him, was able to come with me. It sucked that with something like this, there was no guaranteed spot. I wasn’t an LA Times member and all members get dibs. I had to wait in line and hope that there would be some left over.

We got there at around 2PM, saw that nobody was there, so we ate lunch first before we got back at 3PM and lined up. It wasn’t too bad. We stood next to a guy that was very engaging, talkative and he and I really got along. The sucky part was the waiting but after that, we got our place in line and relaxed for a bit. Finished it off with a sushi dinner before returning in line to get our seats.

Our strategy was to sit in the front since that’s where the Q&A would be. We got into the second row, sat and watched the movie. Very funny, very graphic, but very good. I enjoyed it and after the movie ended, we all looked around to see where JGL was.

My friend went to the restroom and upon returning, did not realize she walked past him. Oops.

But back in our seats, they did a Q&A, answered a few questions from the audience and was that. He looked just as handsome as he did in the movie. He smile and was really down to earth.

As he was leaving, I was about 10 feet from him and I just yelled out “Congratulations!” to him. He turned to my direction, smiled and said “Thanks man!” and went off.

Yeah, that was cool. That was fun.


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