The joy in seeing the A’s win the division title again

Celebrating good times, c;mon!

It wasn’t like last year where the A’s had to make this miraculous run towards the end of the season. Instead, the A’s took control of their own destiny and just ran faster than the Rangers to the finish line. What we got was the same gritty passionate A’s team with a new identity.

They are no longer this group of new faces in new places. They’re a year old now, a little wiser and a lot more established. They believe that they can do it. They expect to do it. Their expectations are high.

And that’s what it should be. After last year’s icing on the cake season, this year’s team knows that they are one of the best. Maybe they are the best. Now it’s no longer trying to prove the league that they are for real. People know now. It’s not time to show them how great they can be.

Just seeing this A’s team on TV win the division again was great. It’s what brings me home and really just makes me happy to know that the one thing that keeps me rooted back home is doing oh so well.

I’ll see them in Anaheim tomorrow night. I need to congratulate them. I’ve full of joy.


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