Winning design of #DesignTheSign gets a lot of negative feedback

95.7 The Game held a contest for fans to submit designs for signs to be used and distributed during the playoffs. The revealed the winner but it has not received a lot of positive feedback.

Check out the comments on the Facebook page. Here are some on Twitter.

I don’t think a lot of people get the sign. The five “booms” signify the clap of the chant. But that’s the problem with a sign that’s confusing. If nobody gets it at first look, it’s a bad design.

Here are some of the other entries that were considered but were not chosen.

So was the best design chosen? You tell me.



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4 responses to “Winning design of #DesignTheSign gets a lot of negative feedback

  1. Man, these A’s fans are serious about their signs. Gotta love the passion!

    • They sure are. Congrats on the win. I submitted mine but they never even accepted it, so whatever. There were a lot of great designs but in terms of easy reproduction without any legality, yours works.

      • Thanks. I actually submitted a few, but they only accepted one per person, and they took my first one. Lots of great designs that didn’t follow the official rules of “no logos” or “trademarks”, so those people were probably ruled out off the bat. No worries, there’s not a sign made that would have passed this completely unscathed.

      • Agreed. I personally am not too big on signs. They’re nice but only in few. We’ll see how it looks when everyone gets one at the game.

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