Celebrating The Room, buying ‘The Disaster Artist’ book and meeting the cast for a huge laugh

I was rushing to get off work in hopes of making this event. Greg Sestero wrote a book about his experience in filming The Room. They were having a book launch in LA and he was going to be there along with the author. The event started at 7PM and I was able to get there at 8PM. Luckily, they started late which was OK by me.

I got there and just stood in the aisle for about 10 minutes as they played the documentary of the making of the movie. We learned a few things such as the breast cancer scene and how there was no conclusion to it, so it was just determined that it was a lie the whole time.

Following the documentary, Sestero and the author Tom Bissell took some Q&As from the audience. Shortly afterward, he invited the rest of the cast of the movie to join him onstage. Juliette Danielle (Lisa), Robyn Paris (Michelle), Kyle Vogt (Peter) and Carolyn Minnott (Claudette) joined Greg on stage to entertain questions. It was great, lots of laughs.

Then Greg says that Tommy Wiseau was here and he joined the Q&A. Wiseau took control of the microphone, saying things incoherently, randomly quoting the movie. He was all over the place. When someone in a British accent asked him a question, Tommy told him he wasn’t clear. The irony. Even Tommy’s old roommate was in attendance and it was very cool and we all had a laugh.

There were a lot of things discussed. Here are a few things I remember:

  • A sequel is in the works. Or at least the idea is there.
  • Tommy Wiseau one time hung upside down from a pull up bar while he and Greg were roommates.
  • The reason why Peter became Steven was because Kyle Vogt left after his four-month contract was up.
  • The flower shop scene was weird. They just showed up, asked the owner if they can film. Tommy really thought the dog was fake.
  • There was an intent to turn The Room into a sitcom.
  • Tommy learned about football from Greg and infused it into nearly every scene.
  • Tommy is great with props, that’s why he throws that water bottle down.

After all that, everyone hung around to sign autographs and take pictures.

Everyone was so nice. Carolyn was so upbeat and excited. Kyle was such a nerd but in a fun way. Juliette was so happy. Robyn looked great. Greg kinda seemed like he was laboring through the entire thing, but he did sign everything. (Plus I wore my 49ers cap and he commented on it since he is a Niners fan too. He didn’t leave it in his pocket.) And Tommy, well, everyone was around him.

He signed my book and because his bracelet/wrist band was giving him difficulties writing, he signed it. I told him I was from the Bay and he said I should go to the next screening on November 1. Looks like I will be there!

Overall, what a funny night. Lots of laughs and everyone got something. I took home four posters from the event and I have them nice and rolled up. The book will be read after I finish up my other books. I got a great haul. What a fun night!


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