I’m disappointed, but not sad over the Athletics’ elimination from the playoffs

Thank you, Jarrod. 

I’m Twitter and see people complaining, saying hurtful things about the A’s getting eliminated early in the playoffs again. I see people whining about how hurt they are or how angry they are or just all that bitterness towards the team.

I am not like that.

Sure, I am disappointed in the team losing early in the playoffs and I know they are good enough to win the World Series. But to get over emotional is something I just can’t do. I am not even sad really. Because I see things differently.

Ever since I moved to LA, I have been homesick. Fortunately for me, watching A’s baseball is the one thing I do that reminds me of home. I did that all the time back in the Bay and I still do it now since I live in LA. It brings me back home. It gives me a slice of where I am from. For me living by myself in a middle of a place I don’t know, I am grateful for this team.

Last year, the team helped me get through a lot of uncertainty. Just having some normalcy in the chaotic new world I was living gave me sanity. And for seven months out of the year, I was able to come home and be happy watching my team.

The same can be said about this year. I still long to return back to the Bay but I know my life is here now. From spring to fall, I am at my happiest watching this team, being reminded of home.

So could I ever be mad at this team? No. I am disappointed and hoped for more, but how could I say hurtful things or whine about this team. This team brought me joy. It gave me hope. It helped me transition to LA. I am actually more thankful than anything for this team.

So to all the so-called fans complaining at everything about this team, just check yourself. Be grateful for seven months you get to have fun and enjoy something everyone loves. To be bitter and not understand how tough the team works to win, that’s not a fan. You’re not fans. You’re just overly emotional wreck that can’t get a grip on reality.

Enjoy the goodness of baseball and just be thankful for seven months of happiness. Stay optimistic and just hope for better next year. That’s what I am going to do. Not going to be angry at this team. How could I after all they’ve done for me?

And after all, it’s just a game.


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