What If God Was One Of Us?

Something I wrote earlier today about how we have to stop turning away people that are different from us. God lives in them, and we don’t want to turn away God.

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam

From Andrew Alleyne as he wraps up his “I Hate Church” blog entries.

A Christian lady who lived out in southern California had a daughter who grew up in the church but went astray and got heavily involved in the heavy metal culture, drugs, drinking, and the immoral lifestyle that came with all of that. She met a young girl just like her and they became great friends. A few years later this same friend found herself in a really difficult place in life and decided to walk into a church on a Sunday morning. It was her last cry for help. She entered with her body covered in tattoos and dressed how she always dressed. Instead of being met with loving arms she was met by ushers that kindly asked her to leave. That young girl then proceeded to the rooftop of a nearby…

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