I met Spike Lee last night at the ‘Oldboy’ movie screening

Being a fan of the original, I was curious about the direction of this remake when I heard about it. I snagged a free screening pass and decided to go check it out. The screenwriter Mark Protosevich was scheduled to be there as part of the Q&A but director Spike Lee was also there as a surprise guest!

I got there at around 5PM and they started letting people in about two hours. As I started to find my way to and from the restroom to the theater, Spike Lee casually just walked by. I had to go back to him as he stood along the wall just to shake his hand and congratulating him on a completed film.

We then watched the movie. I sat in the way front I wanted to have a good spot for the Q&A up front.

The movie in itself was better than I expected, and that’s me being a super big fan of the 2003 Korean version. But I will say that given how they had to change some of the twists and how they retold a story, it was done well. It still doesn’t compare to the original, but the ending was unique and I think it worked out well.

Afterward, they did the Q&A. They both talked about their old work before diving into the feature film. It was funny, insightful and really it was just an enjoyable evening.

So glad I went to this. This was cool!

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