Miley Cyrus might have had the smartest trolling performance ever

So this happened tonight and it was genius! A song that actually is pretty good and doesn’t need crazy visuals was actually made better because of it.

Miley has got to be one of the smartest celebrities in terms of self-marketing. As a young person in her 20s, she knows her strength and power in the music business and knows what to do to get talked about.

When she nastified the foam finger with Robin Thicke, the Internet was buzzing about her. It was the perfect publicity. People talked, people wanted to check out her album and most importantly, she still has a solid head on her shoulder. She’s no dummy. She knows what the people want to see and she gives it to them. Shocking yes. But so intelligent.

So when the Internet buzzed about her MTV Awards performance with the foam finger, she decides to troll the Internet with one of the Internet’s biggest ongoing themes: the kitty memes.

Going with what the Internet is full of, she does an entire performance with a cute kitty mouthing the words to her song. The power ballad song and the kitty don’t fit. It makes no sense. You could laugh throughout the entire performance.

But once again, she got the Internet talking. And with what? She got them talking with the meme the Internet created itself. She was a meme. Now she used a meme to continue to get all the Internet publicity.

Smart. Real smart. I applaud you.

The Internet is full of trolls and you went on to perform something that trolled the trolls. Wow.


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