The new movie ‘Son of God’ could be another boring Jesus film

I do get critical of Jesus movies. In fact, I’ve written about it. I’ve also adamantly proclaimed that “The Passion of the Christ” is the worst Jesus film ever made.

Now 10 years after that, this movie is set to come out. I hope it’s not going to be a boring film but I feel that it’s going to be. Unless the trailer really doesn’t capture the film, I don’t know if this movie will excite me.

As much as the people today love having films about real events placed in a more novel, story-telling kind of narrative, the story of Jesus is more than that. However, to make it Hollywood, that’s the way it has to be.

There’s a certain passion about Jesus that comes from seeing his true pain. Instead, this film just looks like it’s going to go surface level of all He did but not go deep into what His true message is about. After all, doing a film of His entire life can be a huge task, so I get it. But maybe instead of trying to fit it all in, how about going deep into Jesus and His salvation?

It’s hard to be convinced by one trailer so I will wait. But so far, not impressed. It appears to be another movie of Jesus that I’ve seen before. But if someone is saved because of this, then I can’t really can’t complain, can I?



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3 responses to “The new movie ‘Son of God’ could be another boring Jesus film

  1. He is arguably the mos dynamic “human” to walk the earth for over several thousand years……….so why is he typically portrayed as being just another guy? Booorrriiiinnngggg !

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