Don’t be be prideful and be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes we act like the above. We refuse help. We stand on our own trying to get through while everyone else wants to help us.

That’s not we need to do in life. In fact, asking for help doesn’t make anyone soft. It’s OK. Not asking for help makes someone look weak. The fact that they think they can do everything is foolish. We aren’t designed to do everything on our own. We need our friends. We need our family. Sometimes, we have to rely all on God to help us.

But here we are today trying to be so hard that we don’t as for help.

At church we’re doing a bible study with the men and we’re talking about what it means to be a man of God. And one thing that we talked about is how men are perceived to be by society. The man isn’t supposed to be soft, ask for help, be sensitive. Society tells us that we have to be strong all the time.

But being strong and refusing help, and hurting everyone else, isn’t manly? What kind of man would that be where their pride hurts everyone?

The ideal man is Jesus and Jesus asked for help at times. He was sensitive. He didn’t want people to suffer. That’s not being prideful. That’s being humbled. We all need that in our lives. We all need to realize that the world isn’t just about us. It’s about everyone. And in God’s eyes, we’re here for everyone and everyone is here for us.


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