South Park’s season finale about self-image is beautiful

Kanye West struggles to defend Kim Kardashian’s public image.

This Wednesday, South Park aired their season finale and it centered around celebrities and their portrayed image. Everyone at school is enamored with photoshopping their own pictures like celebrities do to. This gives everyone at the school a false idea of who they really are.

The show mocks Kim Kardashian and how she benefits from photoshop and even her fiance Kanye West struggles to defend the fake imagery.

This actually speaks to me even though this episode talks about women enhancing their image.

I at times feel that way about myself. Even though a lot of the self-esteem images are usually discussed by women, men feel the same too. I am sick and tired of seeing men who have great facial features, a well-toned body and have great clothes.

I have none of that. I know that I am no monster or some kind of ogre, but it’s so hard for me to even consider myself even good looking to those standards. I know that I shouldn’t and I believe I am already beautiful, but this has got to be an issue that must be addressed. I am not in the best shape, I’m not tall and I probably lack a lot of the great skills that they tell I should have. It’s hard to live when everybody in the public says I have to be a certain way.

It isn’t a surprise that South Park would touch on this topic. In fact, the show touches on a lot of great topics and brings our messed up viewpoints into light. What’s depressing about this episode is that it is so true. There is no real salvation in this episode. There is no answer. And maybe it’s true that unless we fight it, we’re going to lose.

I recommend you watch this episode. It’s very funny but it’s more truthful quality television than most of the stuff that gets the hype. I know I need to withdraw my admission from the Jelly School.


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