Tears of a Clown

Vaseline on my cheek, wipe off the white

Just me and the mirror under the small light

Another day gone by in front of the crowd

They kept chanting my name oh so loud

But now the show’s done, I’m back in my room

Visions of when I have to be back soon

They walk away, holding on to the laughter

Real story is now, the moment after

Another day of lies, all for the show

All they see is joy, they don’t even know

The mask is the only thing that can protect me

From what I’m afraid that they will know and see

Funny sounds and a head of red hair

Over-sized shoes and a costume with flair

It’s easier to hide, just save my pride

Nobody gets hurt if I just lied

Maybe I can just get by just another day

What more harm can it do to me anyway?

Another lie will keep me from the pain, the shame

I’ll just keep living on playing this game

Lights off, trash on the floor, only the janitors remain

They can’t even sweep away this burning pain

Closed door back to my sacred sanctuary

It’s always safe for me, never scary

Wig is off, nose, glove, shoes

Suit remove, uncovering my bruise

I sit alone in the cold, outside noise dies

Memories fill my brain as I close my eyes

When there’s no one around

They’ll never see the tears of a clown


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One response to “Tears of a Clown

  1. I love this poem so much. This reminds me of the Vocaloid song “Pierrot.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGk50Nh_2Rw

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