A conversation with a Bible verse picketer

A blog post I wrote about my experience at the Rose Parade. Those men with picketing signs of Bible verses always scared me. But I finally had the courage to meet and talk with one of them. What I learned opened up my eyes.

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam 

Last year, I attended the Rose Bowl Parade for the first time ever and noticed that there were a lot of people with picketing signs with messages of salvation in Christ. Some were straight to the points, some used megaphones, and some just brought an unnecessary fear to people.

I wrote about it on my blog the next day.

Last week, I returned to the Rose Bowl Parade and I knew that this time, I wanted to talk with them. It was more of me being curious about their approach and why they felt that big signs at a big event was the way to go.

Before the parade began, I sought out one of the picketers. I didn’t get his name, so I will call him Greg. He was an older man, maybe in his 60s and he was very kind and genuine with his…

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