Attending the Sports Illustrated’s ’50 Years of Beautiful’ swimsuit celebration last night

Last night, I got a chance to attend this fantastic event. It will air in a few weeks but attending this taping as a seatfiller was cool. My job for the evening was to fill seats to make the Dolby Theater look full. But because of my placement more towards the back, I actually didn’t need to move at all.

My friend and I arrived at around 6PM and just followed all the people who were directing traffic. We sat in the back and even though we were told no photography was allowed, I snapped a few shots.

This was a celebration of the magazine’s 50th anniversary of their swimsuit issue. They even did the top 10 covers of all time. I thought Tyra was the best but 1989 Kathy Ireland won.

But it still was cool because Heidi Klum was the host (very funny, still so pretty) and during the show we got to see models past and present. Kate Upton, Marisa Miller, Ireland, Tyra Banks, Rebecca Romijn, Chrissy Teigen were there among others. They all looked fabulous. They did a history of the magazine, gave us an inside look into shoots, locations and photographers. We even saw performances by Enrique Iglesias, John Legend (he was real good), Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw and The Fray.

It was pretty neat to attend this event for free, get to see a taping of something before it airs and know what’s going on, see all the celebrities and more. I wish I actually did get seated more towards the front, closer to the stage. But for a free event, why complain?


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