This #HowIMetYourRacism thing is silly and people need to chill

So I watched this episode on Tuesday, before this hashtag about racism blew up. So I had no previous perception of what I had to expect during the episode. I watched the episode, I laughed a few and that was that. Not once did I realize I was supposed to be offended.

Keep in mind that I have seen every episode on the show (so I know the premises of many things related to this show) and even though this episode was OK, everything done was in character and fine. So why are people calling it racist? Because they were paying homage Kung Fu and Kill Bill? What exactly is racist about this?

It’s a fictional show about a guy making up a story to piss off his friend. And in that story, he decided to include his friends as characters. That’s it. No “ching chong ling long” was spoken. No stereotypes of bad driving and great with math was done. It’s comedy and stupidity — which is what the show is created upon. Racist? I don’t see it.

And I am not expert, but as a Chinese person, I know what racism and stereotypes are against my own culture. What I saw in this episode was not that. The people who are offended might be looking for a reason to be offended and this was low-hanging fruit. Oh wait, I mean, low hanging durian or whatever.

Here’s the deal. There are certain people who look for things to be racist and when anything that might be considered bad shows up, that goes under attack. This is what I see. I still don’t see what was racist about this. Was it because white people were dressed up as Chinese people to help a storyline work out on a show about a man who was making up nonsense to piss off a friend? That’s racist?

I bet the people complaining didn’t even watch the episode, but just saw screen caps. Or they don’t actually know what the show is about. The complaints that I’ve read about this so called racist issue stem from people who don’t know this was an homage to Kung Fu and Kill Bill. It’s that lack of understanding that gets them all worked up.

Should the Asian population get more TV time? Sure. Should Asians get better portrayals on TV? Absolutely. But this isn’t about that. Just let your anger go and focus it on something else more important and relevant.


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