Where am I going?

Here I am with work getting better and better. Well, it’s still a tough sled because they haven’t fully transitioned me away from my old position. As much as I would love to get away from it, somehow, I feel that they need me. It’s not to say that I am the best, but I am the best. I know so much about how the ticker works and what needs to go in. I have the best background in writing and I understand the program. Plus, I actually helped build it so I know what it can and can’t do.

But as they continue to keep putting me on, I still wonder if I will ever be off it. I have embraced my new role as the social media coordinator and it’s so fun doing it because it’s different. I am not worried about news and timely information. Instead it’s a pop culture approach to the NFL world. I get to be creative, figure out what the NFL fan wants and really add fun to the whole deal. The past two weeks have been great, great weeks in terms of production and it’s been TV gold.

But where am I going now with it? Am I still stuck with my old gig because I am so good at it and they can’t find a good enough replacement? Or can I move on and try on something that could be so much better and fun?

It’s sucks not knowing. Today I did a little bit of both and it was just as great. The uncertainty is not to my liking but still having something to do is good. I like being busy and I rather be busy than not having any idea of what is out there. I have focused so much of my life with work that maybe I can just finally rest a little and not have to worry so much. Can I?


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