I watched two great documentaries last night

The Imposter

I read about great documentaries on Netflix and I watched this one last night. I didn’t know the story about the kidnapping so everything in this documentary was new to me. The story was told from the perspective of all the main people involved in the case.

What fascinated me about this was that it seemed that there would be a resolution at the end and I kept holding on, waiting for them to tell me that the boy was found. The story was told so well that it felt that it was more a movie than a documentary. And they actually did turn it into a movie.

I highly recommend this one. It’s a story of deception that just continues to get crazier and crazier with every step.

The Bridge

This one hits close to home because of where I am from. I have walked across this bridge numerous times. I have even walked under it. The bridge is beautiful and the adventure across it by foot or car is a sight to behold. I had always known about jumpers but never realized how many people do it and how hitting the impact can really kill a person.

The documentary interviews friends and families of the victims, and it details how some of the victims go through so much mental illness that they resort to jumping. It’s heartbreaking to see these people just give up. But I know that with a mental illness, you can’t really understand the logic of it.

It’s frightening for me to now look at the bridge in this way. Something so beautiful is where people go die. This documentary tells us a few of the stories of those sad endings.


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