The Grammys are afraid of things that aren’t white

Even though that article was posted a few days before the Grammys, it’s pretty true. And it came true when Macklemore beat Kendrick Lamar for best album.

But I will be upfront and say that I haven’t listened to Macklemore’s album. In fact, I don’t even like the guy’s music. I’ve heard his singles that has been released and they aren’t all that. I’ve seen him perform live in person. He’s OK. But he’s a gimmick and that’s what he is to me. He is talented, but he’s not anything impressive.

And that’s why I am disappointed. Kendrick Lamar’s album, on the other hand, is a masterpiece. I listened to it and I can’t imagine any other album better in the rap game. It was powerful, it was lyrical, it had the backing of Dr. Dre. It was everything. All my friends who listen to rap raved about this album. Not one of them said anything about Macklemore.

But if you read that article, it points out that Macklemore is safe and easy to market. That’s why he won. Not because his album is better. Not because he is a better, more talented rapper. But because he’s a great guy to put on your billboards and sell. K-Dot, on the other hand, is too raw and too out there for the voters to be ready for. It is still the same after all these years. White privilege or not, they just weren’t ready.

K-Dot got robbed. But then again, the Grammys never has fully embraced rap anyway. So of course this happened. They’re too scared.


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