How would handle being famous?

EDIT: She deleted the tweet and the other tweets complaining about too many paparazzi bothering her. But if you delete something, it never really is gone.

Some of you know I am a fan of Lorde. It’s not just because of her one song, but her entire work so far is really unique and also she seems to keep it real all the time. In reading interviews of her, she really seems to be the cool girl I want to be friends with if I was still in high school.

She sent out a series of tweets about how the paparazzi was all up in her face when she went back home at the New Zealand airport. Among those tweets, she tweeted the above.

It is frightening when people perceive you be something. And now that her fame is rising, it’s now made her realize that she can no longer be herself without someone following her. That’s the price of fame.

And what’s scary about it all is that she is understanding that she’s part of the machine. I hope she doesn’t change her attitude about herself, but there is no guarantee in that. Fame can change people and some people fall into their own hype.

People love fame, but fame is frightening. That’s what this 17-year-old girl is going through.

If I was in her shoes, I’d probably lose my mind. As an only child, I’ve always craved attention because I never got it as a kid. So the overwhelming amount of attention I would receive I would embrace.

Of course, I bet in time I would grow sick of it and I would want my privacy. But that’s the price of fame. You’ll never get it unless you just stop being relevant.

What’s the price? My own morals? Is that what I have to give up?

That famous life ain’t no picnic. It never is.


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