The Sochi no toilet paper flushing is part of weird Asian culture

When I moved out of the dorms my sophomore year, one of my roommates told me he doesn’t flush toilet paper. He throws it in the trash. I never made sense out of it. He’s Chinese.

When I moved to my current living situation, this sign is on the wall next to the toilet. The landlady is Chinese. I have never followed her instructions and her toilet has never clogged because of toilet paper.

I never understood it. It can’t be for reasons not to clog the toilet because toilet paper is designed to flush without clogging. It’s soft tissue that doesn’t harden with water. And putting my toilet paper in the trash after I ate a burrito? You’ve got to be kidding me. That would smell.

Don’t give me the old pipes thing because where I’ve lived before, those pipes are capable of handling it. And for the accommodations in Sochi, if they’re using old pipes, that’s just irresponsible.

But this must be an Asian culture thing because apparently the Olympics in Sochi are all about it. This is stupid. People are silly. Toilet paper doesn’t clog toilets. It’s probably biodegradable too.


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