Rashard Mendenhall’s reason for retiring furthers his awesomeness

If you have not read that, please do. Retiring at the age of 26, the prime age of any NFL player, is shocking. But after reading that the other day, it once again confirmed to me that Rashard Mendenhall is one of the most intelligent people ever in NFL history.

There are other players that have left the game early, but the way he articulates himself and more importantly, his understanding life outside of sports, fame and fortune, is admirable.

I have always been a fan of Mendenhall since his “controversial” Osama Bin Laden tweets.

I agreed with him then. Vengeance is a dangerous thing and as a Christian myself, celebrating death is not very Jesus-like. He spoke from his heart. Some people weren’t ready for it, but he was on to something.

He isn’t here to please everybody. He knows that he needs to do what he believes is right. And if people aren’t ready, then oh well.

Mendenhall’s retirement is a good thing. He’s accomplished everything he wanted in the NFL. He’s healthy, he’s young, and he has ambitions elsewhere. I am glad he still has plenty of time to pursue them.

Thanks for being real and being yourself when the rest of the world tells you not to. It’s refreshing. Happy retirement!


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