The few days of fun back in the Bay is over

#OpeningNight or #OpeningDay. Whatever you call it, #baseball is here. Go #Athletics!!!

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On Monday I left LA at 5AM and got back before 11AM. I was ready for opening day. I got there, tailgated and got in right during the player intros. It was a great atmosphere.

The weather was bad all weekend but I knew just by looking at the weather that it would not rain for game time. It did not at all for any part of the game. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards for the A’s to win. Lots of 0-fors and bad baseball by Daric Barton and Jim Johnson.

But it was fun to get out there on Monday. Yesterday was a chill day. I wanted to paint bobbleheads but I don’t know where my dremel kit is. Now I will just have to wait until next time I come back, possibly buy a new one.

Today I drive back down to LA and get back to work. That’s it.


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