How Michael Jordan will always remind me about Easter Sunday

My faith would never be the same after that weekend.

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam

Jesus Jordan is the best ever.

With Easter approaching in two weeks, I want to share a story of an Easter Sunday I celebrated almost 10 years ago.

When I was a freshman in college, I started attending this start-up church in the area. It was a great community of people who loved Jesus and weren’t afraid to be different. In fact, the pastor embodied the identity of the church perfectly. Pastor Elton Lin wasn’t the kind of guy that felt that structure had to dictate our faith. If we felt like dancing, then dance. If we wanted to express our love of Jesus through art, then go draw. If you felt like hugging one another, then hug. It was a big change for me because I grew up believing and understanding that church had to be structured and controlled at all times.

(After a few years…

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