National Only Child Day

Thank you. I feel your pain.

Confessions of an Only Child

Just when I got over the fact that I was an only child, along comes a day to rub having siblings in the face of only children all over the world. The day is April 10th, and the holiday is National Sibling Day, or as I like to call it “National Only Child Awareness Day”. Now maybe I just haven’t been observant, which is very out of my character, but I never realized National Sibling Day even existed until I saw about 10,000 tweets and FB shout outs on last year’s National Sibling Day.  And after National Sibling Day 2012 passed, there seemed to be a frenzy of “national” celebration days such as National Margarita Day, National Bird Day, and National Kiss a Baseball Player Day. I began to question, since when did everything have a day of celebration and appreciation, and why don’t us only children have…

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