“Hello Kitty” by Avril Lavigne is racist? I am not sure about that

I heard about it but I didn’t even see the video until today. I knew there was a controversy to this video but I didn’t know what it was. Halfway through the video I read the comments and found out that people thought it was racist. While watching the video, I didn’t even realize it was racist. Therefore, was it really racist or people finding an excuse to be mad at something?

Avril Lavigne has been one of my favorite artists since her debut. I actually have the entire debut album memorized. Lately, her style and music hasn’t been to my digging but that’s OK. This new album, which I have listened to already, is not bad. This song I was already familiar with before the music video came out. So I knew what was possible if this song had a video.

She has been in Japan a lot and she is loved there. You can see her tweets that she is all about Japan. Naturally with this kind of obsession, her work will be influenced. This is very typical of non-Japanese people who are obsessed with Japanese culture. I’ve seen it. I understand it.

But I suppose this is a product of people in America and over the world not understanding it? It’s bigger than you realize. Ever been to an anime convention? I have. There are a lot more white people there than any other culture.

Honestly, this video is a representation of everything that I have seen. I have seen Japanese people do the things in the video. I have seen Japanophiles do that in the video. It’s not shocking to me. I’ve seen it.

So is it racist? I don’t think so. It’s not negatively embarrassing the Japanese culture. I guess that because people aren’t used to it, it’s racist? It’s not racist. It’s reality.

And as South Park wonderfully pointed out years ago, some people will never get it.


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One response to ““Hello Kitty” by Avril Lavigne is racist? I am not sure about that

  1. You know it’s just the same with everything in life.
    You would think past showes us at least anything, but no.
    Disagree if you will but the world is changing, and none of us have no control whatsoever over it.
    E.g., If only Barack had enough balls to put Putin to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome WW3.
    A very deep post, thanks!
    Sarah http://phyto-renew350i.com/

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