Shame on this Asian-American woman

Watch the video and pay attention to the Asian-American woman.

The first shame is that she appears to be ignorant to every single dish presented to her. Even if it isn’t from her culture, she should know of it. I don’t know if she’s white-washed (maybe) or not but it was shocking to see her react a certain way.

At the end, she kind of had a disgusted face when she talked about Asians eating things.

Maybe I’m just selfish in wanting all Asians in America to actually know something about their culture. She just seemed so shocked that these things exist.

I would eat all of the dishes presented to me with no problem. I’ve had half of them before.

But shame on those who appear disgusted or ignorant to their origins.


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One response to “Shame on this Asian-American woman

  1. Pierre

    I think shaming is a strong word. If she thought they were gross, then she thought they were gross. Her reaction is something we cannot control. Understandably, she is American. Not Asian. So give her a break, man. Maybe, if she grew up in that mythical country called Asia you could give her a ‘shaming’ for not knowing her culture, but even then, you speak of mono-culture (Asian) that never EXISTED. IMO, there is only one race, the human race. I think you reaction could be construed as racist with the choice of words you chose. I hope that you can find it in your mind to see that having visual similarities does not necessarily mean these people, like her in the video, think and act the way you want them to act. What does your term white-washed mean? Is that something derogatory? Just wanted to know what it meant to you, since you wrote it. Please don’t take this as an offense, I’m just putting down my random thoughts into the stream, just like you.

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