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My afternoon with MC Jin was a huge blessing from God

It all started with a simple question. And any other Sunday, I would have missed the question.

This past weekend was very busy for me. I was running around from my new job, to V3con’s opening awards ceremony, to an all day adventure with more V3con and the Back to the Future screening. Physically I was drained. So the very next morning, I wasn’t feeling all too energetic. I decided to just take it easy in the morning, not rush out of the house for the men’s Sunday School at 9:30am. I knew I would just show up a little later, but I needed to just rest a little bit more in the morning.

As I was looking through Facebook, I saw the above post. Had I left my house at 9:30 like I normally do, I would have not seen it. But I did see this post and I dropped MC Jin an email.

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