I got to see Gabriel Iglesias again and he still is so funny

I saw Gabriel way back when before he got real famous. Now that he’s had his own show and a movie coming out, I knew that his great talents are being recognized. But when I found out he was doing a show at a small venue on Tuesday, I jumped right on it.

The show was set to start at 10PM, but didn’t start until maybe 15 minutes after that. Martin Moreno opened up with a very funny set and this is the first time I really got a chance to hear his stuff. I saw bits here and there before, but through an entire set, this guy was pretty good.

When Gabriel came on, he was all over the place. He was telling stories of the aftermath of some of his jokes and how they affect people. One joke about cake and since then, he keeps getting cakes weekly.

It was hilarious to hear him tell more stories of his travels and his fan interactions. He was allotted a 45-minute spot but he went over that. He was having too much fun. Since it was a 75-seat house, he said we can do a Q&A with him afteward.

He was so humbled, answered all the questions. He even answered my questions about what shows he liked growing up: Transformers and wrestling. He then said that he loves wrestling and geeked out when he met Stone Cold. Oh man that guy is so funny. He even had stories about DDP and Jake Roberts. I don’t think I laughed as hard as the first time I saw him, but I think I enjoyed this show a lot more. He was down to earth and real with things. That’s what I really like about him.

And even though it was past midnight, he still hung around and took pictures with all of us. What a great guy! I can’t wait to go see his movie.

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