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‘Girl Meets World’ is everything I expected and I have to deal with it

I loved the idea of them bringing back this for our nostalgia. But the moment I found out it was a Disney show, it was going to be exactly what I expected.

The audience this show caters to are pre-teens. I know. I used to watch Disney Channel in college and I just used the noise to tone out my brain. It’s not for people my age who grew up with the original show. This show was going to cater to the audience. And it did.

This is basically the first season of BMW except with girl main characters. You’ll see Cory and Topanga occasionally but that’s it. The whole show is going to be around these new characters and it’s not going to be anything we can relate to anymore.

And since it’s a Disney show, it will last maybe four seasons and that’s it. Nostalgia is great and I might give the second episode a chance. But I know I can’t expect it to be what I want it to be. The show is what it has to be and I have to live with it. The show is not for me. It’s for them.


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