A very embarrassing story about my high school

I spent four years of my life here.

It’s not Thursday, but here’s a throwback story.

I went to St. Mary’s College High School, a private Catholic school in Berkeley. They try so hard to do the right thing and try to instill good morals to people. Fine, that’s all good and dandy. But at times, they don’t think things through.

Like this one time, the school decided to do a celebration to show our appreciation to the custodians of our school. Good intentions and could be a great deal.

I can’t remember many details, but we gathered in the cafeteria and there was some kind of sign for it. In fact, I don’t even remember if there was a gathering at all. Maybe it was just said that we wanted to appreciate them. All I remember was that in the cafeteria, there was a sign that read: THANK YOU MAINTENENCE.

If you can spell, you know that they misspelled maintenance. But of course, a sign showing respect to the custodians takes extra attention. Not sure if it’s because they were Latinos and subconsciously the staff didn’t try or what.

The ironic thing is that after the celebration (which I don’t remember) for the janitors, we cleared the cafeteria. Guess who had to clean up the mess from the celebration? The janitors.

That was my high school.


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