How my trip back to the Bay Area has been so far

I am so happy to be back in the Bay. Sure it’s mainly the South Bay, but I spent six years of my life here. It’s something. Plus, look at the welcome they gave me.

I had to fly out of LAX at 7:40am, which meant the shuttle that picked me up came at 4:30. Ooof. And what’s worse was when the shuttle pulled up, I walked out of my house and straight to the car door. The driver didn’t open it for me. I just stood there. Apparently he was standing next to the trunk waiting to see me leave my house. I entered the car by myself.

Then the driver walked to the front door and waited and even called my phone. He didn’t know I already entered. SMH.

I got to LAX at around 5am or so. I can’t remember. But I just slept the whole way while waiting. Then I boarded the plane. I slept on the plane.

Then by the time I touched down to SJC I took a cab to the Yahoo campus.

And here I am. I have no car so I have to bum rides to get to places. Even this morning, I took the bus and light rail to get to work. It’s not bad. Just a little bit more. But I am back in the Bay now. Nothing is better!

And to top it off today, I ran into a good friend of mine on work campus who was doing some business. Had I went to go get my lunch 20 seconds later, I would not have ran into him. That’s awesome!


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