I’m finally going to see Tom Petty in concert!!!

Last night I got wind of Tom Petty doing a show with the Heartbreakers and Steve Winwood in San Jose. I got an email telling me that I can do a pre-sale with a code. I can’t make it back to San Jose but I love Tom Petty.

I decided that maybe I can buy tickets, sell them online and maybe use that profit to buy a ticket to a show he’s doing in LA. So this morning I did that. I bought two of the cheapest tickets. They were $66.50 each. I then threw them on StubHub at almost double the value. I might drop the prices later on as these tickets are just going on sale. But for now, let’s see how much this will cost me.

And as I was pondering if I should go to his Friday October 10 show at the Great Western Forum, I find out that he’s opening up a second show because the demand was so high. Since I was a Chase Bank member, I get a pre-sale too. I just decided to buy one ticket to that show. I think I can make it. 

I have never been to the Forum. I have always wanted to see Tom Petty. And I am not overpaying to go see him. I am paying face value and there might be enough money made from the tickets I won’t be using to cover this AND possibly the parking. 

I don’t like going han solo to events but for Tom Petty, I will just do it. And I don’t know enough about Steve Winwood, but I will do my research.

This is how a homie hustles. 


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