I attended the Stand Up To Cancer event last night and it was great

As part of me being awesome, I have access to be a seatfiller in certain events in Hollywood. For last night’s Stand Up To Cancer event in Hollywood, I attended the event to fill in seats throughout the theater to make sure that the place looked filled for the event. It was really cool to dress up, be part of a great event and check out the entire thing for free.

I arrived there at the earliest check-in time possible at 2PM. Because I was there early, they would put me in the first group of fillers, which is usually the front. After standing and waiting, we got in at about 4:45, which is 15 minutes before the live broadcast. I got in my seat and really took in the entire event.

I was really close so I got to see the entire show right up and personal. The rest of the world watched live with me. Check out the above video.

Seeing all these celebrities in one place was cool. It wasn’t my first time being in an event like this but it still excites me to see celebrities and being part of a television audience like this.

Overall, it was a great one-hour show and now I’m off to see if I can find myself in any of the shots.

Here are a couple videos I shot. And here are my Facebook pics. To donate, visit the official site.

Watching #ArianaGrande perform for #SU2C.

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#JenniferAniston for #SU2C.

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