The pineapple cake preview

Remember when I said I had some story ideas? Well, I realized that I may never write these as a book, but a short story isn’t out of the question.

I decided to take one of the ideas and start to write it. I am not sure where it goes and how long it takes. I have never written anything of this magnitude before, especially as a fiction story.

But who knows? Maybe it will turn out OK. Here’s a sneak preview of what I have so far:

Jeremy sifts through the contents of his freezer, looking for something to eat. It’s almost 9 o’clock and he’s filthy from another day out in the sun. He’s already dropped his jeans right at the front door. The usual spot for his pants after a long day of work. Standing in front of his refrigerator with just his boxers seems to be the pattern he’s followed the past few days. It doesn’t bother him.

There isn’t much to offer in the box full of ice buildup. It’s nothing but a couple TV dinners, dulce de leche ice cream, an unmarked freezer bag of some uncooked chicken strips and a bag of fish sticks. Not the best selection for a man who isn’t in the mood to cook.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work. A night in front of the TV was the remedy he sought. At least that’s what he wanted to do taking a shower and repeating another long day at the site the following morning. It’s a good job and the people he works with are a great bunch. Being outdoors and building things has always been his dream since he was a kid. Of course, that dream was about being an architect, not a construction worker.

But the pay is good. The hours are flexible. He couldn’t complain. The new project, however, will have him working extra long days for the next several months. It was somebody’s idea to add another row of buildings to the outlet mall.

It’s not a difficult project. Just a little tough when the entire project is behind schedule.

He stares into the freezer, wondering if he should order takeout again. Who’s open this late for delivery?

He thinks better of it and just grabs the bag of fish sticks. Jeremy pulls out the bag and notices a white box, heavily wrapped in plastic sitting in the back of the freezer. The cold air blows toward his face as he continues to stare at the box. A little frost along the edges but mostly, just a white box wrapped in plastic.

He puts the bag of fish sticks gently right next to his feet on the white-tiled kitchen floor. Jeremy sighs and closes his eyes briefly. The unbalanced weight of the bag tips toward his leg and grazes his bare right foot. It causes Jeremy’s body to shiver just slightly. The heat from the motor emits from the back of the fridge.

Slowly, as if he hopes to avoid any surprises, Jeremy opens his eyes and looks at the white box again. The TV dinners are aligned to the left and the ice cream to the right. In the center, the box. It’s still there, with the plastic cover rustling from the cold air from the fan.

He takes a deep breath and reaches into the freezer.


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