#626NightMarket fun with MC Jin and lots of food

Check out my videos here. Check out my photos here.

I had never been to the 626 Night Market before. I just heard about it from time to time but never really made an effort to care. It was only until I heard that MC Jin was going to perform that I realized it would be the perfect place for me to check out the foods and vendors and also watch Jin perform. It was back in 2005 when I first saw Jin perform (my first rap concert if you will) and he was dope. But as I got to follow his career, gotten to know him, meet him and just see him grow, I like where he’s headed to now.

When I got to the market, I was overwhelmed by the vendors and shops. They had a lot of cool artwork. I almost bought some stuff but maintained to my spending to food.

Stinky tofu? Yes! I got it! Also, check out this.

This is ice cream. #626NightMarket #PottedIceCream

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What it is? That’s ice cream. It’s a brownie, with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, topped off with crushed Oreos, some gold chocolate and a mint leave. Looks like a potted plant. But it ain’t!

Also got a chance to eat some lamb skewers, which ended my attempt to be vegetarian for a week for two days. Oh well, a bulgogi grilled cheese sandwich would also be eaten that day along with a shark taco.

The highlight of the show was MC Jin and you can see the videos of the playlist here. But the posted video here is where it’s at. From his early beginning of “Learn Chinese” to what he wished his debut single should have been in “Chinese New Year.” Great show and it was nice for people who didn’t know him to people like me who has followed him to where he is now. Lots of good stuff, including a freestyle as well.

Great show and great eats!


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