South Park returns the favor and mocks SPIN magazine, Brennan Carley for their Lorde article

South Park just aired an episode about transgenders and society’s acceptance of them. A subplot to the episode was about Randy Marsh living a double life as a geologist and pop star Lorde. This was a response to the very poorly written SPIN magazine article created by Brennan Carley. You can read about it here.

Last week, Carley wrote about a small scene in South Park’s episode based solely on a screen shot. The information he provided was completely wrong since he didn’t watch the episode. This week, South Park decided to put the writer and the magazine on blast for publishing the article of lies.

According to Carley and SPIN, the creators of South Park said that Lorde was a middle-aged man. They would later change their article after readers commented, telling them that it was Randy Marsh pretending to be Lorde to save a party.

This led to this week’s episode where it was revealed that Marsh was actually Lorde, that he just dressed up as a woman so he can express himself. In fact, the episode was more endearing to the real pop star, saying that her music speaks to people who look past the nonsense of the world.

Lorde even got word of it and tweeted about the show herself.

The episode featured a reporter from SPIN named Brandon Carlile. His name is very similar to that of Brennan Carley. Not only that, he would go around town trying to get the scoop on Lorde’s identity. At least this reporter was diligent in trying to find the facts.

“Lorde is an incredibly talented and down to earth young lady,” Carlile said. “It would be shame if someone would be having fun at her expense.”

I have always praised South Park for being relevant and up to date, especially with the pressures of making an episode in a week. But their ability to take something like this, which they could have ignored, and instead put SPIN and Carley on blast is hilarious. Watch the episode and see for yourself.

I hope that the magazine staff and the writer see this episode, get the reference and realize that they now have been mocked by the show. But knowing them, they probably didn’t see the episode.

This is their response to the episode issued by the magazine’s staff. Looks like someone actually watched a South Park episode and wrote about it.

Ya-ya-ya! The fact they didn’t even admit in this response that their writer wrote a piece with no facts shows how pathetic they are.

Who should South Park put on blast next? How about Pitchfork? Looks like they totally missed the point of this episode. Yup, looks like they have no idea why Randy was Lorde this week.

“South Park” Reveals Lorde’s True Identity: Randy Marsh

By Evan Minsker

An elaborate alter ego Stan’s father adopted in order to use the women’s bathroom

Tonight’s episode of “South Park” revealed something of a bombshell: Lorde isn’t actually a teenager from New Zealand. She’s Randy Marsh, the mustachioed South Park resident and father of Stan Marsh. Watch the episode below (via CoS).

Apparently, Mr. Marsh formed his elaborate alter ego when he decided that he wanted to use the women’s bathroom. While he was in there, he started writing his own songs, which he would then elaborately Auto-Tune to sound like, well, this.

The story arc started at the end of last week’s episode, when Randy takes the stage in a dress and sings “ya ya ya, I am Lorde ya ya ya”. This week, they confirm that he wasn’t just playing dress-up. “I am Lorde,” he says. Ridiculous stuff. 


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