RIP Twitpic — you done changed the game

What bums me out about this news, which I had heard about a month ago, was that I am losing out on one of my favorite things on Twitter.

As much as I use Twitter’s own photo sharing features, Twitpic was the first ever such I used back then. I didn’t do Instagram and what made Twitpic stand out were two things.

One was that I could send my images to Twitpic via my email and it would upload automatically for me and tweet it. Second thing — and this is what I will miss the most — is that the GIFs I uploaded worked so well with Twitpic. On my Tweetdeck, the GIFs would automatically play. I didn’t have to click and go to a page on my browser. It would just play in my column.

Twitter’s “GIF” feature doesn’t do that on Tweetdeck. In fact, their “GIFs” aren’t even that. They are SWF files. Cheaters.

Farewell Twitpic. I never imagined my Twitter experience would not have you around. This bums me out.


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