The Rolling Stone interview with Ami Mills

Remember when I decided to write a novella? I haven’t written anything since that day. But instead I am putting it on hold and writing this fictional story.

I’ve created a music artist and will write a feature story for Rolling Stone magazine. Everything in this is made up, but I was inspired by Rolling Stone articles on Taylor Swift, Rick Ross and Lana Del Ray to write this. It’s a work in progress. Here is a sneak peek at what I have so far. It will probably be changed as I rework this.


The Rolling Stone interview

“Do you like Frosted Flakes?”

Ami Mills pulls out the cereal box from her cabinet and grabs an empty bowl on the dry rack. It’s the only clean bowl in her new apartment studio outside West Hollywood. The rest of the bowls are in the sink, with remnants of previous breakfast cereal meals of the past week.

“I love Frosted Flakes,” Mills continues without even letting me answer. “Mom always told me to stop eating it for breakfast every day. It’s the sugar she says.”

Mama’s not here and Ami knows what’s she’s having for breakfast.


She pours the cereal into the pearl white bowl with anticipation in her eyes. She grabs the milk carton from her magnet-filled refrigerator and smiles as she looks into her bowl. Mills takes her first bite of her breakfast, trying to savor her flakes before they even get a chance to turn soggy.

As she opens her fridge door to put her milk back, she looks at one of her magnets on her freezer door. It’s a pineapple with “Aloha” written across the leaves in bright red.

“I got that in Hawaii. It was right after my senior year. I liked it there. It made me happy.”

She takes another bite with a smile on her face. The day is already off to a great start.

Mills slides across her hardwood floor and sits on her couch, cereal bowl in hand, and looks out into the morning Southern California sun. She crosses her legs in her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajama pants. Blue socks on one foot, black on the other.

“I love waking up early and just watching the sun rise. It’s just a great way to start off my day before it gets real busy.”

Mills has an appointment in two hours to meet at the recording studio on Sunset Boulevard for the album cover shoot for her first full-length album. Three years after releasing a handful of tracks for her first production as a solo artist, Mills ponders about the journey out of the Midwest to her place now in Hollywood. The sun breaks through right over the Hollywood hills and a beam strikes right onto her now empty cereal bowl. Not even an ounce of sugar can be found on her spoon.

“This day is too nice; let’s go chill on the balcony.”


The completed story can be found here.


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