Last night’s Fleetwood Mac concert was magical

Prince was the greatest concert I ever attended. Last night’s Fleetwood Mac concert in Oakland now holds the #2 spot. I saw these guys last year and it was great but it wasn’t as exciting because Christine McVie had retired. When they announced that she would be returning, I was all over it.

The thing about the first time I saw them was that the catalog was so limited with the songs they could do. Christine was so essential to the band’s success that it felt like something was missing. But this time around, it was great.

At first when I was in line, a fan got a VIP autograph and snare drumhead. She got an extra one and gave them both to me. Sweet! Already off to a great start.

The evening started off with “The Chain” and it just felt like the band would do every single song from Rumours. They almost did. They did every song except “Oh Daddy” and “I Don’t Want to Know.” But still, I got so excited when Christine just sang the songs I thought I would never hear again.

She looks the same. She sounds the same. Her energy is the same. The whole band was back together. It was just perfect.

It was everything you knew from the old catalog that they performed. Especially songs they didn’t last time like “Everywhere” and “Tell Me Lies” were performed. It was just so great. I can’t even put into words how much fun I had at this show.

Stevie was her wonderful self as usual, telling her Bay Area stories. Lindsay was amazing. He stole the show with his guitar playing. Mick was his comical self. But the standing ovations for Christine every time was surreal.

When the set ended, I anticipated an encore. They did and performed “World Turning,” “Don’t Stop” and “Silver Springs.” Then when we thought it was over, they rolled out a piano to the stage and Christine, by herself, ended the night with “Songbird.” I could have been in tears. I might as well have been in tears. It was so amazing!!!


01. The Chain
02. You Make Loving Fun
03. Dreams
04. Second Hand News
05. Rhiannon
06. Everywhere
07. I Know I’m Not Wrong
08. Tusk
09. Sisters of the Moon
10. Say You Love Me
11. Seven Wonders
12. Big Love
13. Landslide
14. Never Going Back Again
15. Gypsy
16. Little Lies
17. Gold Dust Woman
18. I’m So Afraid
19. Go Your Own Way

Encore One
20. World Turning
21. Don’t Stop
22. Silver Springs

Encore Two
23. Songbird


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