Random thoughts as the year comes to an end

Here are some random thoughts. I never really care about end of the year, new year, or whatever but as we are actually approaching it, here are some thoughts.

  • I have the Madi Diaz concert tomorrow. This is the second time I am seeing her this year. This comes after seeing Fleetwood Mac in Oakland on Wednesday. And that came after seeing Nikki Lane in concert. I also saw Paul McCartney again. Even saw Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Diddy and the whole Maybach Music gang. I got concerts lined up the wazoo this year. Saw MC Jin and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers this year as well. Woo that was fun. Been to a couple other shows. And also some sweet events like the Grammy show. Up next year is Lana Del Rey, The Who and possibly The Ting Tings? I don’t know.
  • I hate Christmas. I don’t like what it has become. I love Jesus. But I can’t stand three months of Christmas leading up to the actual Christmas day. I don’t give gifts. I just find it too stressful and unnecessary. Yet lately, I have just ended up buying things for myself. I feel like I need to stop. I don’t keep track of everything well but I can feel that I need to start saving up.

  • Speaking of saving, I need to get more money. Time to grind even more now as I am trying to possibly move out and get to a new place. But I like my place right now because it’s only $400 a month.
  • One thing that has been going real well for me is that I am real happy with the church I am at. I am a leader. I am a follower. I am challenged. I am allowed to really be me. I am happy to be able to be me in a place where I used to think was a place of being told things. My old perceptions of church changed radically when I went to college and now I think I have a place where it’s really good. Do I see myself there long? Probably not. I have always been a nomad. But for nearly two and half years, I’ve been good there.
  • Boy I better stop being so lazy. Should just get back to my daily grind like I used to do. Maybe I will get to sleep early tonight.

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