Madi Diaz headlines The Troubadour and it was amazing!

Madi played all but one of the songs from her new album.

As some of you know, I saw Madi Diaz back in October. It was kind of like a reunion for me since she was the first artist I saw when I moved to LA. But when I heard she was coming back to LA after her big tour and headlining her own show, I had to be there. It was a really cool time just to see her once again and be part of her big successful show to wrap up her touring and this year.

I got to WeHo really early so I was just walking around all day around the area. The entire neighborhood is really nice. Unfortunately during the walk, I must have misplaced my sunglasses somewhere and when I got home, I realized that I don’t have them anymore. They were some Oakley’s and they were my favorite.


Anyway, I got the venue and it was not very filled to start off the night. But still, King rocked it with their soulful R&B. I really enjoyed them. After their set, Mosco Rosco hit the stage. I had never heard any of their music before the day but I really liked their fun style. I wonder why they aren’t bigger. The drums, the guitar, the entire thing was extremely fun!

(I would then realize that I do know who these guys are. They used to go under the name Harper Blynn and they did this Fleetwood Mac cover a couple years ago that I saw and actually helped me become a huge fan of Madi.)

Then Madi hit the stage and I was all kinds of excited. I was fortunate enough to have a spot right in the front of the stage and I noticed she placed the set list on the stage floor. I knew she was going to start with “The Other Side,” which was the first song she started off her set the last time I saw her. I knew it was going to be a really good song so I shot this video.

What makes Madi’s shows so fun is that you can tell she is enjoying herself. I think a few times she just started smiling and that was heartwarming for me to see. She played a lot of the songs and I was singing along. One of my favorite songs off the album is “The First Time” and I remembered her performing that last October. So when that song came up, I shot this video.

One song I did not expect (and I didn’t see on the set list because I couldn’t read all of it) was the first song that I really really loved off the album. Since I wasn’t expecting the song, I didn’t get the first two lines. But “Ghost Rider” is such a catchy tune and it really captures the new sound Madi has in her new album.

After the show, as she always does, Madi did the meet and greet. Some of the people meeting her were new fans and it’s exciting to see her popularity grow. They were all so complimentary and grabbing up copies of her new CD. I already had a copy of her new CD signed but I didn’t have her old stuff. I wanted CDs, not digital downloads, so I bought her first album and her first EP. When I told Madi that I wanted to get all her CDs autographed, she laughed and wrote this.


OK, I am a little nutty LOL.

Thanks for being so fun and always enjoying yourself, Madi. Congratulations on everything and I hope to see you again soon!


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